About the project

Asterism is an interactive lighting system developed in the context of a housing cooperative located in Québec City. Following the spirit of the cooperative, the system was designed to allow sharing the lights in a tangible manner. It consists of a continuous array of light bulbs, of which only three adjacent bulbs "hold" the light at any given moment.

Each resident had access to their own slider controller to choose which area was illuminated. However, because all of these controllers were wirelessly connected, moving one slider moved all other sliders simultaenously, simulating the experience of sharing one controller. This allowed the tangible and social nuances of sharing (fighting, asking for permission etc... ) to be experienced with an intangible phenomenon: light.

The project was developed as part of my residency at Insertio, a Québec-based research laboratory which studies interactive architecture through ubiquitous computing. The work was done under the guidance of professor and lead researcher James Partaik. Although the project was tested in situ, it was not permanently installed in the coop.

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