Faculty of Architecture and Design Website

About the project

Together with designer Natalia Barragán Nieto, we were tasked with designing the official website for Universidad de los Andes's Faculty of Architecture and Design. This large website had to effectively communicate a plethora of activities that occur at the Faculty: education programs, research projects, publications, facilities, events, professors and more.

To keep each of these sections relevant, Natalia and I designed different interactions for most of these, trying to communicate their specific content through relevant interactive experiences. To bring all of these parts together, we built a cohesive graphic design system based on the Faculty's branding and used it across the whole site.

Once the design was finished and user testing had concluded, I developed the site using the WordPress CMS. The whole site was built in a custom WordPress Theme and Plugin, using PHP, CSS and Javascript. Although the site is done, I continue to design and build new features for it as new needs arise.

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