Pavilion Website & Branding

About the project

Pavilion was a three day conference created by the School of Architecture & Design at Uniandes, as a platform to capture the processes and work of present-day creatives. As part of the School's communication team, Andrea Amín, Verónica Arancibia and myself created the branding for the event. We focused on the idea of capturing, making photography a central feature. This was coupled with a neon color palette simulating highlighter colors and a design centered around multilinguality, open for international creatives to participate.

Alongside the branding, I was in charge of designing and developing the site for the event. In it, I wanted to convey our branding's key elements through interaction. This led to explorations such as a custom css animation that simulates the photographic development process to convey the concept of capture, or a live instant translation effect to give all languages equal representation. To accompany the event, Isabela Ortíz designed and developed an interactive agenda that was included in the site.

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