Communicating photography in PROA

About the project

The research project "Mensajes de modernidad en la revista PROA" brought together researchers at Universidad de los Andes to study the impact that advertisements in PROA (the main architectural magazine in 20th century Colombia) had in defining the construction of modern Bogotá. Together with professor Jaime Patarroyo, we worked on ways to share the findings of this research to a broader audience, through the use of interactive exhibition pieces.

One our prototypes sought to communicate the role of the photographer, and the impact that his chosen compositions had on how the public perceived a building through its images. To do so, we developed a camera-like device that allowed visitors to take photos of a VR building. They could move, pan and zoom to compose their photo as they desired. All of these photos were meant to be printed and displayed together, showcasing the many ways one building can be perceived and how the photographer's eye plays a key role.

Other prototypes were developed with students in Prof. Patarroyo's "Interactive Environments" design course. However, the exhibition was never realized due to lack of funding.

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