Terrenos (Working Title)

About the project

Terrenos (working title) is an ongoing work in creating a tool to generate speculative terrains based on data logged during hikes in the diverse Colombian landscape. These graphic pieces are generated as tiling patterns to be used for textile printing and confection of bags and other hiking accessories.

This ongoing project consists of a wearable data-logging device in the shape of a backpack. With it, various types of data are logged, including both quantitative data (metereological data, altitude, gps, motion) and qualitative data (wearer inputs their moods and situations during the hike). These are then input into a tool that utilizes the data to generate a terrain-map graphic. The influence of each of these variables in the final graphic can be tweaked by the user.

The project is currently being developed together with Jaime Patarroyo. The data-logging device is currently being prototyped.

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