Times to listen

About the project

This exhibition was one of the final products of Mending the New: an interdisciplinary research project studying the ways in which textile crafts shape reconciliation, from the perspective of four textile collectives composed of women victims of the Colombian armed conflict.

During this research, each collective made tapestries that depicted their testimonies of reconciliation. These were intervened with electronics to create listening interfaces: interactive experiences that allow observers to listen to the women's recordings of their testimonies, only if they make a physical effort to listen. Thus, embodying the difficulty of listening to these testimonies and encouraging wholehearted listening.

Together, these pieces composed the Times to listen exhibition.

My role

In the project's interdisciplinary team, I had the role of a Design Research Assistant. I participated in field work, collaborated in conceptualizing the listening interfaces for each tapestry, and I also played a large role in designing and developing the technical implementations for each piece.

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